Tired of the constraints and expense of third-party platforms?

Overwhelmed with responsibilities of ongoing due diligence and trade management for portfolios you manage?

TAG Invest can be your investment back office.


Most money management platforms require that you build your business around their programs.

TAG Invest builds portfolios around your needs and the needs of your clients.

We focus on those areas where you can add the most value:

    • Tax management

    • Expense reduction

    • Risk management

We build on a foundation of low-cost passive strategies, adding active elements where they generate alpha, including actively managed mutual funds and individual stocks.

Then we can customize the strategy to the client’s other investments, including investments you manage and outside accounts.

Here is the process:

Result: Competitive tax-efficient returns tailored to client risk profile and cash flow

We will support your value

TAG Invest can save you time by handling the logistics of investment research and trade management. Our custom portfolios are just the beginning. We can comprehensively support your business.

  • Create portfolio proposals
  • Leverage the client’s financial plan
  • Participate in client presentations
  • Provide competitive analysis
  • Help you articulate your value

Outsource investment management functions to TAG Invest
Save time
Build relationships
Generate more business

The process is simple

Your TAG Invest professional

Jason Dahm,

Managing Director and Case Liaison

Jasen is Managing Director and Case Liaison at TAG Invest. In that role he is responsible for designing the investment management process and client experience. He consults financial advisors on asset management, tax planning, liquidity management, and advanced case design.
His prior experience includes seven years running an asset management program, accumulating and managing over $1.1 Billion.