“Where does it hurt?”

I ask this question to every financial professional I meet. Why? Because the answer matters. The answer informs how TAG does business, how we prioritize our services, and how we add value to your practice. The answer to this question is the foundation from which TAG Advisors was built. 

Our team understands how challenging it can be to manage a practice. From liaising with the back office, hosting weekly branch-wide conference calls, offering a remote support service to lessen your administrative burden, or simply streamlining the way you mail documents, at TAG Advisors, our goal is not to run your business, but to help you run it better.

We believe strongly in the concept of independence. We also know that in this industry, it can be difficult to do everything well while doing everything alone. As CEO of TAG Advisors, I focus on providing our independent financial professionals with the personalized support, scale, and resources they need to grow their business, on their terms. At TAG Advisors, we want to empower you to do whatever it is that you do best, first by listening to your needs, and then acting as a staunch advocate in the pursuit of solutions. No matter what your background, we believe in meeting you where you are, and providing personalized service that allows you to thrive within your chosen independent business model.

Under my leadership, financial professionals within TAG Advisors have grown from $15 million to over $76 million in GDC over the last four years. The branch has over 350 financial professionals with more than $10 billion in assets under advisement. We could almost be considered a “broker/dealer within a broker/dealer,” reflecting our size, organizational framework, and infrastructure. At an industry-level, TAG proudly spearheads a Women & Diversity Initiative, focused on increasing diversity and female inclusion in the financial services industry and promoting available career options. But why should you care about our success? Because that success helps us to attract the very best professionals who create a support system and a knowledge base for you to tap into, so you can run your business independently without being alone.

TAG Advisors is where independent, entrepreneurial financial professionals thrive. If you would like to explore what we can do for you, contact Cyndia Crafton at (877)676-0376 or ccrafton@tagadvisors.us