Reasons to Join TAG Advisors

We work with who you are, not what we want you to be. Run your practice as you see fit knowing that you have a support system behind you.

  1. One shared primary goal
    Our goal is your goal – for you to thrive as an independent financial advisor.
  2. Comprehensive knowledge and skillsets
    No matter what situations you or your clients face, we have the know-how in our community to help.
  3. Relationship driven
    We take the time to understand how you need to be supported and then deliver that support.
  4. Weekly roundtable discussions
    In our weekly advisor calls, you’ll engage directly with our leadership team and relationship managers in discussions around many topics.
  5. Solve problems fast
    We help you escalate and triage any issues in real-time – no referring to committees. You’ll have direct communication with leadership and relationship managers.
  6. Stay on track
    We’ll help you put the right structure and guardrails in place so you can stay on track with your goals.
  7. Daily attention
    Our management team meets daily to strategize on individual advisor challenges.
  8. Up-to-date risk management
    We constantly monitor regulatory landscapes and continually offer the latest, most relevant risk management guidance.

You work hard to gain their trust.

You build their legacies.

You know how much their
peace of mind matters.

We work hard to keep your trust.

We help build your legacy.

We know how much
certainty matters to you.

Where TAG Advisors Live & Work

With over 400 advisors spread out across the country, we pride ourselves on being able to function efficiently and cohesively.

It’s a big step to go independent, and taking that step was a little easier with TAG and the assistance they provided. It’s great to run your practice as you see fit to help those you want to help, but also have the support from a great organization like TAG.

– Ryan Stille

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